Strange but true, toes remind me of our humanity. (My own feet aren’t pretty even with polish.) In this gyrating world, toes say, “We’re all human.” If someone tries to talk when I’m closed off in my busyness or movin’ lightspeed because “I’m LATE” and I glance at my toes, I actually stop and breathe in the moment. I look at the person talking with me. I listen. I appreciate the connection. I remember we’re human, fragile, and temporal.

My home office is a stained-glass, sunlit room, filled with soulful colors and calmness mixed with creative inspiration–photos, art, notes, and quotes. When I’m writing, I’M WRITING. Only in this room  does the clock jump from eight to five in seconds! I don’t hear anyone or anything outside my door. So, when my darling husband bops in to talk, I look at my toes!

We’re only here for a few moments. We must remember the humanity we share. Otherwise, we’re robotic like technology. What nudges your humanity?

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