Birthdays spice up our lives! I’m celebrating whole-heartedly by wearing pj’s until noon, sipping honey-laced tea, and nibbling English muffins sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. On my birthday, my brain ruminates over the day my son Tyler was born. A 13-hour labor guarantees long-term memories. Becoming his mother gave me such love and such overwhelming responsibility. Baby and mom shared many song-filled sleepless nights. I rocked and sang through every Broadway musical my zombie state could recall. In those beginning days, singing soothed me, grounded me.

During  early morning feedings when no one else alive was awake, I wrote and sang this LULLABY night after night.  While reading, I hope the metered lyrics soothe you as they do me. Try belting out your own beauty. I’m listening….



By Marsha Elyn Wright


We’ve marched in time

Upon the stairs

And put away

Our balls and bears.


We’ve read our books

Of knights and kings,

Of queens who fly

On dragons’ wings.


And now it’s time

to hug goodnight

And ride the stars

‘Til morning’s light.


So close your eyes

While Mother sings,

And angels fly

On golden wings.


And you and I,

Two sleepy-heads,

Tuck into dreams

As nighttime spreads.


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