Month: February 2019


Your favorite little ones will find humor and heart within Ann Ingalls’ new release PENCIL—A STORY WITH A POINT. Ingalls is a master storyteller, creating characters that Dean Griffith sketches life into so they live beyond the page. Readers will see the old-fashion pencil in a whole new way! The story, the puns, the adventure all add up to a brilliant picture book that won’t stay on the shelf very long. Children will want to read it again and again and again.


Help me be grateful

For the students who like to learn,

And feel challenged by those who don’t.

Help me be thankful

For the students I love,

And understand those I’m learning to love.

Help me be motivated

By the students who learn to think,

And be committed to those afraid to try.

Help me be inspired

By the students who choose right from wrong,

And be patient with those who lack the courage.

Help me be gentle

With the students who make mistakes,

And learn to forgive a difficult child.

Help me be wise

With the students building character,

And be unwavering with those without conscience.

Help me be committed

To the students who are responsible,

And be persistent with those who value nothing.

Help me be calm

In the midst of violence,

And model self-control in the midst of anger.

Help me be faithful

In the days of discouragement,

And be dedicated to make one child smile.