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20 OCTOBER 2017

Missing my son Tyler in LA as he works his way into the film industry. Missing my husband Clay who’s still working. But NOT missing my students’ research papers in English 102! The richness of retirement showered me this morning. I actually made blueberry buttermilk pancakes from scratch. No gulping them whole to race to work!

I spent days researching author websites and WordPress. Then with the two-hour help of my gracious neighbor, my site was born! Luckily my name is nondescript so foreign hackers won’t come sniffing. I continue to write children’s stories and look forward to my first “Middle of the Map” SCBWI Conference in Overland Park, Kansas, November 3-4.

On November 3, I meet with Emma Ledbetter, editor at Atheneum Books for Young Children. She’s critiquing one of my children’s book manuscripts this month before the conference. Already I’ve added a new text to the file that I sent Emma. Sheesh! Scrap the editor’s cap, Marsha! I’ve been a published author in the educational world for many years. Publishing in “kidland” is a new universe for me, one I’m excited to be part.