Cheers and grins for Rebecca Koehn’s debut picture book After the Rain! Rebecca’s clever storytelling leaps off the page into a splashy tale of how teamwork is key to building friendships. A perfect read for anyone!

Rebecca Koehn

When my copy arrived, I ripped off its wrapper and hugged it. Thrilling! Goose-bumping! Rebecca’s a favorite author, critique partner, and friend. I knew of her hard work behind the book. I knew of her hours drafting and revising. Of how she dug deep to make every word count while keeping the rhythmic read-aloud text. After the Rain delivers with a rollicking story that embraces sound, heart and humor.

Cover for After the Rain

Illustrator Simone Kruger’s lively artwork captures the story and its characters with charm, adding fanciful fun and excitement to each page. Her rainbow colors create childlike delight. Simone’s style will enchant readers, starting with the cover’s rainy rumpus!

Critique Group: Mary Ann Hendrix, Marsha Elyn Wright, and Rebecca Koehn

Here are The Three Amigas! That’s illustrator Mary Ann Hendrix, me, and Rebecca. Our first Road Trip together to the 2018 annual SCBWI KS/MO Regional Conference solidified our friendship and support for one another. We decided to meet monthly for a “crunch-and-munch” lunch while critiquing our work and lifting our spirits. Oh…laughing is key to a successful session for us!
Writing is a solitary adventure but the journey to good writing is one of community—the Kidlit Community and trusted Critique Partners. Within these groups, we celebrate successes and lighten rejections. We remind one another to keep believing. Persevere. Be patient. And the rewards are stellar!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Whoooopeee! Congrats, Rebecca! Polish those tap shoes…next critique meeting, we’re all doing the Happy Dance!

Offer your support for Rebecca and the Kidlit Community. Purchase your own copy and gift copies. Recommend After the Rain to your local library, friends, teachers and more. Visit Rebecca’s Website. Write her a celebratory note!
Website: www.rebeccakoehn.com

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/After-Rain-Rebecca-Koehn/dp/1506454518/

By the way, the winner of the Give-Away copy of After the Rain is Rebecca Thill of Olathe, Kansas. Congratulations! Rebecca’s book is mailing its way to your doorstep. Enjoy!

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