Brendan Wenzel

Enthralled by the cover art of Brendan Wenzel’s A Stone Sat Still, I tucked his book into my arms and slipped into a library chair. Little did I know his rhyming text and mixed-media artwork would touch a deep corner of my heart.

Brendan’s simple, creative crafting of words rhythmically creates magical moments on each page. His talented artistry captures the passage of time as nature evolves through environmental changes.

A Stone Sat Still

Kirkus Review: “As with Wenzel’s Caldecott Honor–winning They All Saw a Cat (2016), this picture book plays with perspective to examine characteristics of one object—a stone—as it is experienced by a multitude of creatures….”

Title: A Stone Sat Still

Author & Illustrator: Brendan Wenzel

Publisher: Chronicle Kids, 2019

Age Range: 4-8
Website: https://brendanwenzel.info

Summary: With the passage of time, a single stone sits still while the natural world changes. The stone becomes more than a stone—infinitely more with a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

A sea gull swoops onto it, cracking open a clam. The stone is “loud.” A snake wraps itself on it for sunning. The stone is “quiet.” But no matter what, the stone sits where it sits “with the water, grass, and dirt” and it is as it is where it is in the world.

Reasons to Read…Reasons to Buy

  • The artwork is stunning!
  • The rhyming text rolls off the tongue, tugging the heart.
  • The message is worthwhile for all ages.

BUY THE BOOK: https://www.amazon.com › Brendan-Wenzel

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