Marsha Elyn Wright

Author of All Ages

    selfie of Marsha Elyn Wright

How did the Writing Bug bite you?

At eight years old, I won first place and a bride doll in a writing contest “How Much I Love My Dolly.” After that, I couldn’t stop writing. I was bit by a BIG BUG!

What kinds of stories do you write?

I like stories that make me laugh or think or wonder or cry. I work to write those kinds of books. When my son was tiny, we’d read all the time. After a good story, he’d say, “Again?!” That’s the greatest compliment to an author! I hope my readers say that with my books.Lion cubs at the local zoo.

Where do you get your story ideas?

Pictures, artwork, news stories, and photos all inspire me. I look around me. I sit in Wee Readers at our local library and listen to children. My memory is packed with years of teaching school. I visit our local Lee Richardson Zoo and snap photos. The animals are very chatty in the morning!

Skittles the cat. This is Marsha's cat.  What’s your family like?

  My husband writes, too, but he writes music. My transgender daughter Tai is    a film editor in Los Angeles, California. We’re cat people. Our sassy cat     Skittles has “cat-i-tude”! You’ll see her peeking here and there on my website.   She roams my office swatting papers. She believes she’s my editor.

  What do you do for fun?

  I READ all kinds of books. I snow ski. I do yoga. I swim.  I sing and act       on stage, too. My dream role was playing Anna in “The King and I.” I cook and bake and even have a chef’s coat with my name on it—just for fun. I LOVE snapping photos of wildlife.

A photo of a squirrel that Marsha took.

Grace Selee

Grace Selee

Character and Homepage Illustrator

Grace Selee is an aspiring Kansas-based artist. She has immersed herself in art from a young age, which has led her to study 2D and 3D art at Garden City Community College. Her goal is to delve deeper into the techniques and processes of fiber art from learning to spin and dye yarn, to manipulate it in the forms of knitting, crochet, and weaving. When she isn’t laboring over her next project, she can be found playing piano and video games, and, on rare occasions, attempting to unicycle.

Anna McVey-Tyson

Anna McVey-Tyson

Web Designer/Developer

Anna is a website developer and designer. She learned to build websites when her boss needed a website refresh and took on the task. She jumped in headfirst and hasn’t looked back since, finding that she loves the challenge and creativity it takes to make a website work. Now she freelances, and you can find her at  Her other defining traits and hobbies include a passion for cystic fibrosis (CF) awareness,  loving her kids–Lily and Liam, drinking coffee as if it is her life’s fuel, and being a socially awkward human.