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I plan and prepare a workshop experience for any grade. I talk about the groans and moans of writing and the magic of finding the “best” word. I present classroom writing activities and demonstrations to engage and motivate kids to read and to write. I want kids to laugh and learn. I will visit schools and libraries throughout the United States. You can contact me about setting up a visit:

My goal is to get kids excited about thinking, reading, and writing. I’m glad to tailor my talks to fit your needs and talk with any size group whether in an auditorium or a classroom. With my 15 years of public school teaching background (grades K, 2-6, and 7-9), I work to combine education and entertainment in my presentations.

Here are different talks I can present at your schools:

For pre-k and primary grades, I bring puppets and stuffed animals and let them “talk” with students. I get children involved in the storytelling.  I talk about why reading is important AND fun! I invite students to ask me questions. Ahead of time, I can send simple-to-do art projects that students can make after the presentation as a follow-up activity. Signing books for children is one of the joys of being an author! If books can be sold in advance, I can move the signing line along a little faster. If not, I’m happy to take the time needed to sign books children purchase on site.

For grades 4-6, I show how a book is made. I talk about the tools of good writing. I involve students in a “workshop” demonstration to learn the value of rewriting and taking time to find just the “right” word. I talk about the value of being a careful observer, a detective of life. I end with a question-and-answer session.

A book-signing event can top off the workshop. Again, preordering books keeps the event streamlined. You can do so through the publisher (which usually offers educational discounts) or your local store can order copies.


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