May-June 2020

May-June 2020

MAY 20-June 5, I’m playing host for the annual KS/MO SCBWI Critique Group online event. The humorous Christine Schmidt, author extraordinaire, is a marvelous organizer. With my group of five, I’ve discovered fun, authentic, encouraging, and supportive writers. Some are YA. Some are MG. Some are YA/MG.


SPICE UP READING ALOUD Listening to stories, children learn how the funny marks on pages make sounds. Sounds become words. Words have meaning and paint pictures. Internal “dictionaries” are built and expanded so what children want to say and write is understood. When...

20 October 2017

20 October 2017 Missing my son Tyler in LA as he works his way into the film industry. Missing my husband Clay who’s still working. But NOT missing my students’ research papers in English 102! The richness of retirement showered me this morning. I actually...