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“Maybe you just finished eating lunch. That’s THE END of lunch. But don’t worry. There’s still dinner. And sometimes dessert.”

Sometimes? Always! Author John Bray offers readers a new way of looking at life. His new book THE END joyfully explores the possibilities that await us at endings, in-between times and beginnings. Bray’s playful, humorous text creates an endearing re-aloud. Illustrator Josh Cleland magnifies the text with vibrant, playful artwork. When children come to the end of THE END, they’ll want to begin again.

We know that endings can be tough–the end of summer. Transitions can be even harder–packing boxes before moving. And beginnings can be scary–the start of school. With humor and heart, Bray reminds us that all these times in life can be enjoyed.

The End picture book

“THE END of one thing is the beginning of something else. And the beginning of one thing is THE END of something else. And that’s okay.”  

Living in St. Charles, Illinois, Bray spends much of his time writing picture books for children. Recently, he’s begun his own new beginning in middle grade fiction.

The End picture book
The End by John Bray and illustrated by Josh Cleland
Josh Cleland, illustrator

Since 2009, the talented illustrator Josh Cleland has been creating whimsical illustrations for projects all over the world. His fun, lively artwork brings to life Bray’s unique story THE END. A perfect pairing!

Read Josh Cleland’s journey:

The End picture book

Both clever and comical, THE END inspires children to march through their beginnings, middles, and ends by using their never-ending imaginations. Kirkus gave THE END a starred review: “An engaging book about accepting endings and celebrating beginnings.”

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Waiting for something to end or begin can be unnerving. Being in times of transition can be even more so. No matter what we’re facing, may today mark the day when we’re finally able to find a bit of fun in life’s moments–welcomed or not.

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