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Sniff, sniff! went Mouse. Whiff, whiff, went Mouse. “Who left this poo outside my house?…Poo-dunit?”

Mouse is rightly offended when a neighbor leaves a stinking pile of poop near her burrow. The hunt begins! Mouse sniffs out the culprit, blaming one animal after another. Each time, the accused explains why the scat can’t possibly be theirs: too big, too messy, too ploppy. With prideful boasting, Bear claims it’s his. “‘Yes!’ said Bear/ ‘That’s mine! It’s true!/ The mystery’s solved./ I made this poo …/ A poo that no one can outdo!’” In the end, Moose unleashes his monstrous scat and bursts Bear’s boastful bubble.

Talented author Katelyn Aronson writes in rhyming verse to craft a rollicking read aloud. Back matter includes the merits of poop, plus a mini “poo-dunit” challenge that asks children to match scat with the correct animal. This book will have children laughing while learning. Education at its best!

Book Cover for Poo-Dunit?
Children's book page of story

Katelyn grew up in southern California, in a home where reading was a family affair. Her mother was a kidlit lover, reading aloud stories to her and her sisters. Her father was a “natural-born storyteller,” spinning “entire sagas out of thin air at bedtime.” The world of imagination and make-believe was where she lived. “…[A]nd words were just another way of creating magic together.”

After working six years in kidlit bookstores, Katelyn succumbed to her “travel bug bite.” She ventured throughout Europe and landed in France, where she discovered her own stories to tell and share with children.

Visit Katelyn Aronson: https://katelynaronson.com/

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Children's illustrator

Stephanie Laberis is a character designer and illustrator who focuses on crafting art for animation and children’s publications. Her digitally-crafted cartoon illustrations capture each character’s expressive charm in Poo-dunit, sparking humor and whimsy while children discover how science can be fun. Stephanie’s artwork is vibrant with lifelike details that pop off the page. Visit Stephanie Laberis at https://stephlaberis.squarespace.com/

Kirkus describes Poo-dunit as a “Stinky science with a sprinkle of silly.”

Treat yourself and others to this raucous rhyming book about animal scat and forest ecosystems: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/706405/poo-dunit-by-katelyn-aronson-illustrated-by-stephanie-laberis/



Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Especially one that makes us laugh while solving it. Poo-dunit entertains while opening the door to ask more questions…discover more science…do more seeking. It invites us to explore the outdoors and unearth the lessons of nature. Backyard science is one door away. It’s time to slide on our mud boots and slip outside. Be present. Be aware. Be amazed. What better way to spend an afternoon!

Backyard animals tracks
Poo-dunit by Katelyn Aronson. Illustrated by Stephanie Laberis

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